My name is Alex Bethke and I'm a passionate game developer and designer who believes games can be made by anyone for everyone. For the last 14 years I have had the pleasure to work on over 100 games and interactive experiences for mobile, web, direct download, and Steam.

For the last year Iíve been the game designer and technical lead at Digital Howard, primarily responsible for leading design and development of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality STEM-themed mobile game Terracosm. Targeted at kids 6 - 11, Terracosm is a mobile game played at Science Centers that has been designed to inspire children with an exciting sci-fi narrative wrapped around a series of AR/VR games and experiences to promote interest in STEM topics. Finishing up the public Beta at the Ontario Science Center, Terracosm will soon be released as a completed project at additional Science Centers in the US.

Prior to my time with Digital Howard, I spent 6 years co-running a small studio in Toronto, Golden Gear, offering contract development services to our clients primarily in the gaming market. I oversaw the development of 33 games for web, iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Steam, as well as 3 digital comics, while acting as lead programmer on 30 of those projects.

I've had a lot of amazing opportunities in my career having worked with organizations and companies such as TIFF Nexus, Lionsgate Films, Fremantle Media, Jon Gruden LLC, Kill Shakespeare, Bento Miso, Dames Making Games, TO Jam, Metanet Software, Social Game Universe, and the Toronto After Dark Film Festival on a wide variety of projects. The games I've made have been enjoyed by millions of people from around the world, some projects going on to be shown at game festivals like Pax (Prime & East) and GDC, as well as some notable places like the Cannes International Film Festival, 2015 Pan Am Games cultural events, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.